5 Best and User-Friendly Automotive Dealership CRMs

Automotive CRM
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In an industry as customer-centric as the automotive industry, a good CRM can be the driving force in business strategy. Now, what is a CRM and why is it important to your business?

Customer relationship management solutions help companies gather and organize information on both existing and prospective customers, which in turn helps them to optimize their marketing efforts towards these customers, and improve their customer relationships as well.

Different industries need different things when it comes to CRM solutions, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all. A dealership’s success relies on customer retention and service maintenance that comes after a customer purchases a car.

So as important as customer acquisition is, dealerships need to have a CRM that can best utilize data to navigate new and existing relationships to improve customer retention. In no particular order, here are a few automotive CRMs that work best for dealerships, to help save them time and money in the long run. 

1. DealerMine

DealerMine uses data to give a 360° view of your customers. They offer a service and sales CRM separately, so the dealership can have a truly curated CRM that fits exactly what they need.

In their service center CRM they cover all the bases, from online scheduling to data organization, to dropped calls and missed service opportunities.

The sales CRM helps automate sales systems like tracking equity, online leads, and tracking inventory levels and turnaround. They make everything easy with mobile integrations, and easy user-friendly tracking.

2. DealerPeak

DealerPeak has hit the market with a much needed CRM service for dealerships, which is not the usual one-size-fits-all design. Over the years they heard from everyone ranging from independently owned dealerships to franchise and enterprise levels, and they don’t all need the same things from their CRM.

With three different levels, DealerPeak can be a completely customized solution for any size dealership. They are very transparent with their pricing and what each program entails.

The CarDog program, for small independent dealerships, ranges from $300 to $1000 a month, and all levels include mobile capabilities.

DealerPeak Plus is the same price range as CarDog but includes multiple mobile device capabilities, for higher-level dealerships.

The DealerPeak Classic, that they’ve coined the Bentley of enterprise-level dealerships starts at $700 for the minimum package but includes even more customization with reports, dashboards, and integration capabilities. 

3. Drive Dominion

With their AI platform, Olivia, Drive Dominion works with the sales team and helps them best engage with customers. Dealerships get to utilize a personal assistant across multiple platforms.

Their services also include lead generation organizations, equity mining, review management, and a fully automated marketing platform. Their customized dashboards are incredibly user-friendly and have features that include calling out priority leads, industry stats, and an online scheduling calendar. 

4. DealerSocket

DealerSocket also looks out for both independent and franchise dealerships and their different solution needs.

Their CRM for independent, small dealerships helps connect the points between sales teams and customers. Even smaller companies need streamlined workflows to work more efficiently. On top of CRM assistance, they combine inventory management, website marketing and tons of other solutions to help them.

Franchises that are a little bigger in size, with more complicated systems, need a few more advancements within their CRM solutions. Customizable options like DealerSocket can give them analytics support, web analysis, desking, internet lead management, and sales management, for both small and large scale companies.

5. VinSolutions

Understanding the struggles that lie within dealerships in this day and age, VinSolutions has built the tools that can help dealerships succeed. They know that tracking leads, sales, goals, and customer information can be tough, so their Connect CRM integrates with existing processes to help streamline them into one single dashboard.

Their CRM focuses on streamlining the purchasing process so every second spent with a customer counts. They offer solutions to challenges for everyone at the dealership including the owners, general managers, general sales managers, or internet sales managers.

In Conclusion

Aside from streamlining workflows and improving customer relationships, two other things are crucial to increasing profitability within a car dealership. Answering phone calls, and keeping a full service schedule.

The major chunk of profit comes from post-purchase activities like following up with customers, pre-scheduling service appointments, and selling service packages.

Customer Traac’s services, combined with outsourced CRMs can boost profitability for dealerships, no matter the size. Put customers first with streamlined solutions, and let us help your dealership on its path to success. Visit us today at https://www.customertraac.com/ to learn more!