Bad Customer Service Examples: The Most Cringe-Worthy Customer Service Scenes in TV and Movies

Bad Customer Service
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If you’ve ever dealt with bad customer service, which you probably have, you know that it is the absolute worst. Some people have had such bad customer service experiences, that they dread dealing with any customer service, to begin with! As terrible as it can be in real life, some of our favorite TV shows and movies display the worst of the worst, where we can cringe from afar. The very least we can do is laugh at these other customers’ misfortune dealing with some of the worst customer service imaginable.

Bad Customer Service Bad Customer Service

The Time-Waster

Fans of Saturday Night Live will know the instant classic of Kristin Wiig portraying the Target Lady, who although quite loveable in her own way, takes her love of Target too far and often abandons her post or wastes people’s time. If you’ve ever come across a slow checkout attendant, or someone who commented on every item they scan, you know the feeling of wanting to bump them out of the way and scan it yourself!

Bad Customer ServiceBad Customer Service

Taking Things Literally

Kel Mitchell made Ed working at Good Burger the epitome of poor customer service. Ed was charmingly dumb, but that can’t excuse his taking customer requests VERY literal. Like the time a customer ordered a Good Burger with nothing on it, and Ed served him a plain bun. According to Ed a meat patty is something, and the customer wanted nothing. The next thing you have is an irate customer.

Bad Customer Service Bad Customer Service

The Intentional Non-Helper

Not often will you find a customer service team that doesn’t actually want anyone to buy a single thing. The owners of femininst bookstore in the show Portlandia seem to want to drive any customer away that doesn’t side with them, or just in general. Candice and Toni tend to hate when their store is busy, which is generally what you want in order to have a successful business. Their loss!

Bad Customer Service Bad Customer Service

The One Who Doesn’t Care

Have you ever talked to the IT team at your corporate business and don’t get the help you needed? Or they say they’re going to come by and fix the problem, but give you an 8-hour window? Yeah, the IT team from IT Crowd, an amazing British TV show, really takes the cake for least concerned IT team. They are known for answering the phone, asking if you tried turning it off and on again, hanging up, and showing up to help fix the problem at some point in the next few days. Not the best service, we’d say, but perhaps not the worst?

The Customer is Always Wrong

Sketch comedy show, Little Britain USA showcases a lot of interesting characters. Some funny, some awful, but one, in particular, is Carol the receptionist. She couldn’t be less approachable, especially for a welcome receptionist at a hospital. She is easily annoyed by the 5-year-old checking in, and isn’t afraid to show it!

Bad Customer Service

Putting Protocol before Customer Needs

In Meet the Parents, even though Greg Focker is a known screw-up, we can’t help but feel his pain when he deals with some ridiculous service trying to board his plane at the airport. Though we understand protocols, to be petty with a customer is something NOT to do.

Of course, these bad customer service experiences are satire, but when satire becomes a reality you know it’s bad. We saw a few examples like the time-waster, the one who intentionally does the bare minimum, and the one who doesn’t act as if the customer is always right. Customer Traac takes these examples and does the opposite. We are here to help, to listen, and to get the customer to their end goal as efficiently as possible. But, we sure love to have a good laugh about those who don’t know good customer service.