Bad Customer Service: Having Your Service Advisors Answer the Phones

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A service advisor at a dealership is a liaison between customers and the service technicians. They determine customer’s needs when it comes to vehicle issues, repairs, and scheduling. They can almost fall into more of a sales role than customer service, and a lot of things can fall through the cracks of their busy schedule, that negatively impact the customer experience.

Inbound Calls Stacking Up

The service advisor’s day fills up with several things they do that are crucial to the business of the dealership. They have to build and maintain trustworthy relationships with the dealership customers, communicate repairs to the customer, sell the auto shop’s services, all while ensuring safe, reliable vehicles to their customers. This may require time on the phone, out of the office, walking about, and if they are the only service advisor, that’s a lot of calls for one person!

Call Wait Times Too Long

Being put on hold is probably one of the worst parts about having to deal with customer service. A Google Consumer Survey conducted by Arise Virtual Solutions asked 1,500 consumers how long they were willing to wait before hanging up on a customer service agent. 13% of respondents said that there was no acceptable hold time, with closer to 60% of respondents stating they were willing to wait 2 minutes or less before hanging up. Other surveys have found some customers are willing to wait upwards of 11 minutes on hold – that must have a lot of time on their hands.

These results may not reveal any new information, but it reiterates the importance of short wait time on customer service calls. One service advisor might have to put a lot of people on hold throughout the day, or even miss some calls if they are servicing on the floor or other customers on the phone.

Appointment Schedule is Empty – or Too Full!

Pre-scheduling service appointments for customers is the duty of the service advisor, to upsell services, and keep them driving safely on the roads. It’s important to map out the customer’s entire service journey throughout the time they are going to have this vehicle, so that requires some time and due diligence to keep that calendar full. A calendar that is TOO full, however, is not going to spread out the work and it can get gummed up – leaving fully booked weeks in conjunction with empty weeks. BDCs can help alleviate that issue by being extremely proactive about appointment scheduling.

Inefficient Work Flow

Piggybacking off of scheduling issues – keeping a steady workflow at the dealership is important to customer and employee satisfaction. As you can see in the video above, a busy morning with a late afternoon is not an efficient way to run the day-to-day business. An outsourced BDC, though not in the office, can help alleviate this unbalance in workflow by doing all of the above. They can schedule appropriately, encourage customers to plan ahead and keep call volume steady, by spreading it out across the day, and thus allowing ample time to communicate with the service advisors throughout the day if need be.

So, let your service advisors be the customer liaison, and let Customer Traac run the show behind the scenes. Help out your service team and give us a call today!