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Automotive BDC

How an Automotive Business Development Center Can Help Support Your Sales Team

The sales team at a car dealership is comprised of multiple positions and multiple duties throughout the company. Some positions you may find at a dealership that have some part in the sales process include[…]

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4 Call Center Metrics Your Automotive Dealership Needs To Track

We’ve discussed the KPIs that your dealership should track to measure success, but what about the call center? They have their own metrics they should be mindful of to ensure customer retention, good sales numbers,[…]

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Customer Appreciation Ideas to Maximize Retention

Customer retention is the true key to success. It’s what any business should be striving for. Within the dealership industry, repeat customers are extremely valuable and can make the jobs of your sales and customer[…]

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Business Communication Strategies That Will Drastically Improve Your Teams Efficiency

Communication is key in almost any relationship, and that includes the relationship between your employees and yourself. For a team to work efficiently and effectively as a cohesive unit, there needs to be clear, well-defined[…]

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Bad Customer Service Examples: The Most Cringe-Worthy Customer Service Scenes in TV and Movies

If you’ve ever dealt with bad customer service, which you probably have, you know that it is the absolute worst. Some people have had such bad customer service experiences, that they dread dealing with any[…]

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How to Create a Customer Service System That Will Survive When You’re Out of the Office

Building a good customer service team means having people you can count on, even when you’re out of office. Relying on a team that you can trust to run independently, take the reins, and own[…]

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5 Best and User-Friendly Automotive Dealership CRMs

In an industry as customer-centric as the automotive industry, a good CRM can be the driving force in business strategy. Now, what is a CRM and why is it important to your business? Customer relationship[…]

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Key Tracking Systems for Car Dealerships: The KPIs You Need To Keep A Close Eye On

There are a lot of moving parts to managing a car dealership, and if you aren’t tracking your KPIs (key performance indicators) you can’t get a true sense of the success of your business. There[…]

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10 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Representative Needs to Succeed

Patience A good customer support representative has tremendous patience. Patience can help with time management, better communication skills, and combat irate customers. A patient representative can help alleviate irate customers by making them feel heard,[…]

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How Having a Call Management Team Can Help Dramatically Increase Customer Satisfaction

It has been said that acquiring a new customer is up to five times as costly as retaining an existing customer. Yikes! Those expenses take into account the time and energy spent by staff to[…]

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