outsourcing call center

At Customer Traac we lend our business development center outsourcing to overwhelmed car dealerships so they can do what they do best—sell cars. Outsourcing your call center can bring many benefits including lower labor costs, fewer dropped calls, and around the clock customer service. Missed calls are missed opportunities, and outsourcing your call center can help to fill those gaps in service.

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Save on Time and Labor Costs

Outsourcing a call center means you can hire a team for contract and a flat rate, that pales in comparison to labor expenses of an in-house call center. When you consider all the expenses beyond salary that come with each call center agent, you can see how much it actually costs beyond their hourly or annual salaries. 

You have to consider taxes, insurance, and vacation pay. It all adds up, and on top of all that, it can be difficult to allocate time and money to recruit, train, and retain employees. Outsourcing your customer service team can mean more control of overhead and your company budget.

Boosts Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Customer retention efforts that an in-house customer service team doesn’t have time for, or cannot prioritize, can be more of a focus if you outsource your call center. They have the people and time to make outbound calls, as well as accepting all the inbound calls. This eliminates dropped calls, wait times, and increases outreach. Good customer service on its own can lead to customer retention. Adding outbound marketing efforts, fast response time, and a team dedicated to your customers in your specific niche.

Increases Efficiency of Inbound and Outbound Calls

All of the benefits of outsourcing your call center can lead to an increase in efficiency in your company, and improve your competitive position. Introducing more service specials and opportunities for the service team to upsell, can show upwards of 20% increase in service repair calls. No missed calls means no missed opportunities.

Plus, certain times of the year have a spike in call volume and require more coverage on phones and emails. An outsourced team makes these times much easier because there’s no need to have employees work overtime, or hire more people for coverage for that time with temps or temporary outsourcing. 

Allows More Focus on the Business

Outsourcing your call center and customer service efforts means you can worry less about that department in-house. Owners or managers can focus fully on running the business, making sales, or whatever their role entails. There can also be less distraction from phone calls and customer service chatter, which can help create a more calm environment for everyone needing to focus on work.