What is a Contact Center?

A contact center is different from a call center in that in addition to managing inbound and outbound voice calling, they can also manage customers with emails, chat, and SMS applications. Contact centers can be a bit more niche and are able to distribute calls efficiently, while also keeping customer satisfaction high, and dropped calls down.

Contact Centers can work with customized scripts based on what company or industry they are working in. They are often more like an internal customer service department in that they work as a cohesive unit with a similar goal, despite being in separate cubes or desks. This can help create tighter security when handling sensitive materials and data.

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Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-channel contact centers help close the loop on the customer service experience. Omni-channel can create a seamless experience across all points of contact including voice, text, email, and even social media. Being able to meet the needs of customers who opt out of phone calls, and want email or text replies can help alleviate the stress of having to make time for phone calls in a busy schedule. Or vice versa, for those who prefer speaking with someone directly as their preferred communication channel. Either way, having an omni-channel presence, and mastering each of those communication avenues, can make all the difference between a poor and a great customer service experience, on both ends.

Niche Markets

Massive contact centers who don’t funnel their expertise into one niche, can keep from being the best of the best in answering calls and meeting customer needs. Focusing on a niche market like car dealerships can allow customer service professionals to hear similar questions, become very familiar with the types of customers they are speaking with, and how to accurately and efficiently solve their problems, or meet their needs. The training timeline can have a much shorter learning curve, and allow for more granular focus.

Call Distribution

No longer do customers have to be put on hold, or leave a voicemail at your business. Call centers and business development centers take that pressure off of the business and salespeople, and in the hands of their 24/7 phone answering systems, and practically eliminates missed or dropped calls. The call volume can be easily spread across multiple agents, which in turn accelerates response time, and doesn’t allow calls to back up and wait to be helped.

Follow-Up Calling

Business centers like Customer Traac focus heavily on follow-up calls. Appointment confirmations and following up on no-shows are key to customer retention, and to continue bettering customer service practices and approaches. A call center has the time and resources to focus on following up with customers far more than an in-house agent may have. Outbound campaigns are equally as important to customer retention and satisfaction as keeping up with in-bound traffic and calls.

Data Collection & Reporting

Recording calls, collecting customer data, and building reports to analyze that data helps contact centers become more efficient, and in niche markets, helps them know their customers better. Business development centers can use data to pull customer lifecycles to help guide them through appointment calls, follow-ups, and upselling proper services depending on where the customer is in the sales cycle, and catering to what they would be looking for.


Outsourcing a business development center creates a space that most in-house businesses don’t have to house a large, multi-faceted customer service area. Outsourcing is a modular option for having highly trained, well-versed agents for your company, when you don’t have the space or resources for such a department. Their modularity is what draws a lot of businesses to them.


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Looking at granular financial metrics of what it costs for in-house call centers really shows how cost-effective outsourcing can be. Everything from training, to breaks, to downtime and dropped calls are all being paid for with in-house teams. Also, keeping them managed, staffed, and efficient can really raise the cost-per-call when it gets down to it. Outsourced call centers include that flat cost in everything. There is no need to recruit new people, keep them managed, account for sick days or breaks - the center will always be fully staffed during work hours, and be able to manage call volume efficiently to lower cost-per-call, and make and take even more in a day than an in-house team.

Customer Satisfaction

Fast response time, diligent follow-up calls, scheduling, and more efficient in call volume management are all ways that customer satisfaction can increase when it comes to customer service. In-house agents may need to put more people on hold, which is a key reason why people choose text or email over phone customer service, and also the biggest reason for dropped calls. An outsourced team can offer 24/7 support in some cases, making being put on hold a thing of the past, and customers can get their questions heard and resolved within minutes of calling.


Outsourced call centers are not only flexible, but scalable compared to having one in-house. They can plan for high volumes throughout the day, and strategically schedule for those times increasing efficiency and lower time on calls. They have the time, size, and numbers to scale for ebb and flow of seasonal changes or major in and outbound campaigns, depending on the industry.

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