Customer Support Outsourcing: Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Without Sacrificing Call Flow

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Many of our success stories begin with a dealership reaching out because they are overwhelmed with answering calls and emails. Customers reaching out for appointment scheduling and services often falls in the laps of the sales and service team. Without a proper customer support team, the rest of your business will have to pick up the slack. This can disrupt the process of each department, and customer satisfaction can suffer. This is why we always recommend outsourcing your customer support to a professional contact center or business development center.

Feeling Reluctant About Customer Support Outsourcing?

We empathize with businesses who are finding it difficult to hand the reins over to someone else, especially when it comes to dealing with their customers. However, what happens when a business outsources their customer support, is that they find they can focus more on their tasks in their other departments.

Hiring a professional team means that you can get right back to business. Outsourced BDCs will already have the staff, tools, and experience to handle anything the customers can throw at them. An automotive BDC always stays on top of industry trends and service schedules for all makes and models. They will be able to help with customer inquiries regarding past and current models, no problem.

Are you worried about customer data security? Don’t fret; customer support companies should have obtained extensive training on security and fraud prevention. They have tight-knit measures in place to prevent fraud and keep customers’ information secure. Customer data may be more secure than having customer support within your dealership. They are in an outside location, away from onlookers, with highly secure phones and computer systems—you can rest assured yours, and your customers’ information is safe.

How Can Outsourcing Boost Customer Satisfaction?

Outsourcing can ensure the sales and service teams can devote all of their time and energy to the sales and service side of the business. No longer do they need to focus on answering calls, returning calls, or having their time pulled away from customers that are in-house needing assistance. Customers can get back to being the focus and marketing efforts can be handed off to the professionals.

Business development centers can also handle outbound marketing campaigns, promotions, and giveaways. They can help affect reviews by offering anonymous surveys, links to leave reviews, and gather customer effort scores. They are kind of a one-stop-shop for inbound and outbound calls.

The team working within a professional customer support company or business development center has probably seen and heard it all. Talking to customers is what they do, and they are well-trained to handle any situation, including irate and unhappy customers. When you give them the trust and power to do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy, you will start to see an uptick in customer satisfaction. One of the most important goals a dealership has is customer retention, and by putting that in the hands of the professionals can be one of the best moves a dealership can make for their customers.

Outsourcing Your Customer Service Improves Call Flow

When calls are coming into your business, and you don’t have a receptionist or customer support to tend to incoming calls, those get funneled through other departments less equipped to handle the high call volume. That can mean more callbacks, hold times, and dropped calls, which can negatively affect customer satisfaction.

An outsourced team is much more equipped to handle spikes in call volume throughout the year. The dealership may have higher call volume around key holiday sales like Labor Day and Christmas when they do more promotions. Outsourcing the calls means the dealership doesn’t need employees to work overtime or hiring temporary workers to handle the massive spike in volume. The outside customer support knows how to prioritize those spikes in volume before they even happen, and track metrics to understand how much coverage they need to have.

Some businesses may be wary of outsourcing part of their business and worrying about the flow of phone calls coming in or out. But sending all contacts to an outside customer support line helps to avoid transfers and holds. It also keeps a streamlined process from an inquiry to an answer and keeps service appointment calendars full. Being able to integrate these outbound marketing efforts into the business means improving your competitive advantage in the market place.

Outsourcing your customer support can indeed increase your customer satisfaction without sacrificing call flow. It can improve your call flow by streamlining the entire process. We know that it works, and it’s our passion to help dealerships thrive and boost profitability by handling their customer care. Read more about automotive BDCs and what they can do for you here and contact us if you have any questions on how to get started!