Organizational Strategies to Help Your Dealership Thrive


Organizational strategies are the actions companies intend to make to achieve their overall company goals. A car dealership’s success relies heavily on their strategic planning and execution. 

To help your dealership thrive, you should implement l these critical organizational strategies within your business, including solidifying excellent communication, processes, and accountability practices within your dealership. 

Keep Communication Clear and Concise

We will say it again and again, but communication is key to keeping a business surviving and thriving. In your dealership, many of the moving pieces can collapse when the right people are not communicating with each other. 

Harnessing the power of clear, concise communication goes beyond just organizational strategy best practices. It can empower and encourage employees, as they are included in high-level communication and actions. If they feel like they are vital to the discussion, they may be more inclined to go that extra mile for your business. 

In your dealership, your hierarchy may look something like this: Owner or CEO, Lot Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Service Technicians, Salespeople, Receptionists, Property Maintenance, and other various positions. There are a lot of different levels of positions, but the end goal is the same—to satisfy the customer.

Every job has its responsibility to reach that end goal, but if there is no communication, then there can be breaks in the process, and a lack of cohesiveness.Having teamwide meetings and building out proper communication channels will bring satisfied customers, thanks to everyone working together. 

Write a Proper Mission Statement

One way to solidify your business strategy is to create a well-rounded mission statement that is representative of your organization’s values. A good mission statement should be able to apply to any of the work you do within the organization. 

A  thorough mission statement will represent your company, solidify your action plan, and hold everyone accountable to the business standards. Reading your mission statement aloud every week can help boost morale, bring encouragement to the team, and set the week off on the right foot. It is never too much to remind yourselves what your mission and goals are each week. 

It’s also ok to change your mission statement. If you get to a point in your business where you are reading your mission aloud, and it doesn’t mesh with the organization anymore—change it! Even better, open up the platform to your employees and managers to give their input on how they feel they want to represent themselves as a whole. 

Keep Processes Consistent and Up to Date

Things move very quickly in the realm of marketing and sales, especially in the car industry. There will always be a new design, a new feature, and new customer needs. If your dealership doesn’t keep up with the trends, they may not be successful using out-dated methods and sales techniques.

To keep processes up to date, make sure that when errors occur—or people find they are doing redundant or repetitive work—that they revisit that process and find out where those misses are happening. This goes along with accountability, which we will talk about next, and holding people responsible for their procedures. 

A critical factor in this is making sure employees know they have that power to make systems even better. Because they are the ones doing the work, your employees can see up close where any inefficiencies are. Therefore, they are one of the best resources for making improvements.,

It’s important to note as well that people may do things in different ways, so by collaborating with fellow employees and peers can make processes even more consistent and efficient across the board. Being sensitive to what works for various positions and different types of people can help to build out consistent processes that work for everyone. 

Maintain Accountability Across all Positions

Accountability in the workplace is vital to ensuring everyone has a responsibility within the business. In line with transparent communication, holding everyone accountable keeps them included in the business practices, and they know that what they do matters. 

An excellent article by Forbes goes through why accountability is so essential for achieving success. One of the best points that most relates to a dealership landscape is that accountability empowers the team. Employees who are held accountable and this goes for all the managers and executives as well, gain a sense of ownership and leadership within the dealership. Everyone can lead each other by example and own up to both mistakes and triumphs. In turn, this can help improve workflows, processes, and inspire new techniques on how to get the job done. 

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