How Having a Call Management Team Can Help Dramatically Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction
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It has been said that acquiring a new customer is up to five times as costly as retaining an existing customer. Yikes! Those expenses take into account the time and energy spent by staff to acquire new business, but also the actual costs of ads and marketing expenses to get those new customers. Customer loyalty and retention is easier and more cost-effective than many customer acquisition efforts. A lot of customer satisfaction is going to come directly from how they interact with your company through customer service and phone calls, which should be held to high regard if you want to maintain a successful business. 

So, how can having a call management team dramatically increase your customer satisfaction?

Eliminating Missed and Dropped Calls

A call management center can alleviate pressure during seasons of high call volumes. Dropped calls or being put on hold are an immediate no-no if you are trying to maintain positive customer feedback. A fully-staffed, dedicated team can ensure no calls are missed, dropped, or put on hold for long periods of time. 

In a time where we can get information in literal seconds, nobody has time to wait around for someone to answer the phone, let alone be put on hold for any amount of time. We need fast responses, and even faster resolutions. The bar is very high for customer service these days and one bad call can lead to a poor review, and lost business. 

In-house customer service teams can fail at this sometimes because they are first of all, much smaller than a call management center, or business development center, but they also work within constrained hours. A call management team should be able to accurately plan for call volumes and coverage. Data analysis can help with what to expect for calls based on time of day, peak seasons throughout the year, and any sales, specials, events, or issues that arise. Teams like Customer Traac can have someone on hand at any given time to answer any number of calls – no matter if someone called in sick or took a long lunch. Alleviating these dropped calls is the first order of business and an obvious need that a call management team can resolve. 

Focusing on Customer Outreach and Marketing Efforts

A call management center, or business development centers like Customer Traac, can assist in marketing efforts that in-house customer service reps don’t often tackle. Cold calling is not a tactic that necessarily improves customer satisfaction, in fact I think most people hate it, but outbound marketing campaigns for existing customers can be a huge business driver. Customers who have purchased a product or service from your company, but never came back are an opportunity to call and remind them of upcoming service dates, or upgrade offers and sales. In the automotive world, customer service teams can track data that spans the life cycle of the customer’s car and knows when it’s a good time to get maintenance, or simply trade it in for the upgraded model. 

Customers want to feel cared for, and tending to their specific needs with outbound calls that are personalized can boost customer satisfaction, even if they don’t decide to forego a purchase or upgrade. Now with text reminders becoming more and more popular, it’s a great way to get the word out to customers while also making it easy for them to unsubscribe if they desire. However, keeping them up to date on service reminders can help get the stress of worrying about it on their own, off their plate. 

Offering Loyalty Programs and Other Incentives

The sales team of your company may offer incentive programs or continuing loyalty programs for customer retention. They may only have that initial interaction with a customer, and either gain that customer’s loyalty, or they don’t – the moment is over. Call teams, however, can continually offer new and improved incentives to customers whenever they have their attention. Maybe, a customer never even heard about the incentives before now, and a call center rep can be very specific to the customer’s location and type of product they have – giving them a truly catered experience and offering. A customer wants a good deal, and if all it takes is signing up for a free, no-obligation loyalty program in order to get first dibs on sales, they’re likely to take that opportunity! 

Gathering Direct Customer Feedback

If you’ve ever been on either end of a customer phone call, you know about anonymous customer feedback surveys. They are generally at the end of the call and prompts the customer to answer questions via the keypad for 60 seconds or so. This feedback is then used to better processes and service to customers. 

While interacting with a customer, a call management team can get real-time customer feedback. Sometimes it’s negative, right out the gate, which can then be used to ensure that never happens again. The same goes for positive customer feedback via word of mouth, surveys, or online reviews that help continue moving the needle in the right direction. It never hurts to ask a customer who had a good exchange to leave a review on Google business page. Google reviews are one of the very first impressions your company can give, and it’s super important to gather and maintain those good reviews. Showcasing your customer satisfaction can be the best thing for you. Those poor reviews and poor customer satisfaction surveys should be used as leverage to better your company and team overall. Never let it get you down – use it to make sure every customer has a better experience!

Customer Traac knows that fast response time, diligent follow-up calls, scheduling, and more efficient call volume management are all ways that customer satisfaction can increase when it comes to customer service.

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