Customer Service Training: How to Impress Customers With Your Call Center Employees

happy customer on the phone

Recently, we talked about what to look for when hiring a call center employee. But what about after they’re hired? That’s when the real work begins. 

You’ve found your key player after a diligent search, and now it’s time to train them. If you hired well, this person possesses the essential attributes needed to handle their calls, but now you can teach them how to really impress a customer. 

Whether you are newly onboarding or continuing education, there are a few ways to help your employees go above and beyond to wow your customers.

Customer Service Training and Onboarding

With some call centers and customer support lines, you may have your new hires hit the ground running and start on calls in the first week without much training. However, we recommend taking a few steps before they ever get on the line with a customer. 

First, get your new employees well acquainted with your system and procedures using hands-on training, webinars, and by shadowing other employees. They should devote a week’s worth of training before they get on the phone with customers. Some may have prior experience and find it really easy to jump in right away, but it doesn’t mean they are familiar with your internal processes. 

Once onboarding processes are complete, you can begin to transition your new employee into their full-fledged role. One good way to complete their training and onboarding is to ask for a survey and any notes on how they thought it went. Every new hire can be an opportunity to improve upon your process. You can answer their questions or struggles with the process and implement them into the onboarding for the next new hire. 

Ongoing Education for Call Center Employees

Any employee in any industry should be able to receive ongoing education throughout their role. Ongoing training is a valuable investment to offer employees if you want your business to succeed,  especially with your customers. 

Customer service, specifically, requires continual education and an ever-moving training program to keep up with the changing market. Customers’ demands change all the time as new products, technologies, and conveniences become available; the more they want, and the more they expect to receive. 

If you invest in your employees, you are investing in your customers. An employee that just finished a 10-hour ongoing training in customer behaviors in 2020 is going to be able to be steps ahead of the customer on the phone, as well as competitive call centers who are falling behind sticking to their same regimen. A call center employee that is aware of industry trends, customer expectations, and market demand can impress customers by being overly prepared for what they may throw at them. The more they know, the more they can help. 

Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Surprising your customers with discounts and added bonuses is a great way to impress them on any call—both inbound and outbound. 

A customer who has been diligent about payments, service repairs, or trade-ins could be a great example of one that could be rewarded with an offer. This can be part of your outbound marketing within your call center or business development center. Call those customers and impress them with your diligence and care for their service to your business. That, in itself, solidifies your relationship with those customers.

Take inbound calls, for example. Customers who call to schedule a service appointment without you having to offer could be treated to a nice discount or cashback reward. Those customers will be so happy that they took that step to call you and get rewarded for taking good care of their vehicle. 

Offer discounts and incentives to random customers during a marketing spritz that will impress them enough to leave good feedback and become a return customer. These methods not only help your call center employees feel confident and thrive in their roles, but it keeps recurring business and brings you to your end goal—a satisfied customer.

Setting your call center employees up for success means you will set your customers up for success. With solid onboarding processes, training materials and programs, and diligent ongoing education—you will be able to continually surprise and impress your customers time and time again. At Customer Traac, we know the value that comes with going that little extra mile to wow your customers, and we would love to chat with you on how you and your team can do the same. We’re here to help! Contact us today.