Why You Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer to Improve Your Client Relationship Management

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As Bob Dylan said, the times they are-a-changin’, and they change faster and faster every year. Customer trends and ideals can change year over year, and using the same old CRM strategies can hurt your business. CRM, or client relationship management, is the approach companies use to communicate with current or potential clients. These systems need to be on par with what customers expect out of businesses.

The Microsoft 2017 State of Global Customer Service survey polled 5,000 people from six of the largest countries in the world to find out what they thought about customer service, globally. As advances in technology and online presence march forward, customers have higher expectations than ever. Of the respondents, 54% said they had higher expectations for customer service at the time of the survey, than they did the year prior. This number rises to 66% if you include only respondents aged 18-34. The youth are the future! Their opinions on the matter involve more and more technology, and this means old CRM methods can bring a business down. 

The top three reasons CRMs fail include lack of user-adoption, thinking its strictly technology related, and having a lack of vision or insight. These problems, if left unresolved, can completely crash the new or existing CRM system, and reflect very poorly against your business. It’s important to address these right away. 

When Employees Push Back on New Systems

One of the root causes of failed client relationship management systems is low rate of adoption from managers or employees. This fear of change can cause many companies to put off making these updates for months, years, or they may never get the chance. So, before jumping into a new CRM, first, it’s important to get a team dedicated to making the change. They can be within the company, or hired. They can plan out the new system in a way that best fits your company’s needs. CRMs aren’t always a one size fits all, and it’s good to acknowledge that first, instead of when it’s already implemented and too late. 

There are ways to prevent this push back. Bringing in end users and professional designers to curate the perfect CRM for you can help alleviate the fear of learning something outside of everyone’s scope. You can also start training practices very early on, and have a well laid out plan of training that will alleviate stress and pressure on employees and managers reluctant to change. The further ahead of it you can get, the better. This is why we are saying you should not wait any longer to improve upon your client relationship management systems and processes. 

We Don’t Need Another New Technology

Now, this isn’t always a full system upgrade type situation. CRMs can be non-technical approaches to client and customer relationships. Depending on your business, a technical update may not be the answer to all your problems. This may just be staying up with trends, and improving upon existing processes. Technology alone is not the end-all-be-all to improve upon client relationships. The right people, processes, and goals have to be set in motion – combined with the right technologies, to tap into your CRM’s full potential. 

Not Fully Understanding the Objective

One of the biggest mistakes companies make, related and unrelated to CRMs, is having a lack of vision. When a system or process is not properly aligned with the right goals and targets, it lacks organization and can easily fall right off the tracks. Your relationships with your clients should be flexible, adaptable, but also have the same end goal amongst all employees, across the board. CRMs are designed to be flexible, easy to implement, and can be used in a wide range of industries. Without a clear vision of what you want to accomplish for the business, can lead to a lack of focus, communication, and cohesion amongst the team. Before venturing out and implementing improvements to an existing CRM, make sure employees fully grasp the concept of the improvements and why it’s important. The more specific you can be and the more employees understand how an improved CRM can positively improve their daily work and KPIs, the more successful they can be as employees, and the overall business. 

Customer Traac has a very clear vision of their processes, and what it takes to implement a proper CRM plan and process. We stay up to date on industry trends and news, and love helping businesses get or stay on track. 

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