Customer Traac offers the following outbound calling services designed to increase customer retention:

Appointment confirmation

Following dealer-specified scheduling guidelines and transportation options, we will call back dealership customers to confirm the appointment date, time, services, and transportation needs.

No show Call follow-up

We record our calls and track all appointments. If we set an appointment, confirm the appointment at another date, then the customer does not show. We ensure we will follow-up and find out the reason why, and attempt to re-schedule. We know that no-show appointments take up your valuable time, and our services attempt to limit that as much as possible.

Recall notification

We will assist in notifying customers of any and all vehicle recalls, safety or otherwise.

Service reminder/service due

We strive to pre-schedule all services on vehicles purchased through the dealership. Between appointments we will set reminders for service due on customer vehicles, and also offer services needed and offer recommendations or specials based on dealer input.

Special order parts fulfillment

We can handle inbound calls regarding special-order parts and other orders. We will ensure orders get fulfilled in a timely manner and do any follow-up or replacement regarding the order fulfillment.

CSI/SSI campaigns

We can handle CSI/SSI campaigns which are Customer Satisfaction Index studies and Sales Satisfaction Index studies. CSIs measure the satisfaction of vehicle owners who visited the service department for maintenance or repair work within the first three years of owning their vehicle. There are five measures to scoring the Customer Satisfaction Index: service initiation, service quality, service facility, vehicle pick-up, and service advisor. It’s generally done on the maker level, rather than model, i.e. Ford vs. Fusion.

SSIs measure the entire shopping and buying process the customer went through at both the dealerships they ended up buying from (buyer index), and those they did not buy from (rejector index). All their answers are combined to reach a final score, which considers four factors for the buyer index: facility, delivery, salespeople, and negotiating the deal. The rejector index considers five factors: negotiating, fairness in price, salespeople, facility, and the variety of inventory they had. SSIs are also done on make vs. model.

New/used first service appointment

Whether the vehicle purchased was new or used, we will make our recommendations of service and schedule those appointments out in advance. The goal is to utilize the dealership services and repairs for all customers.

Declined service follow-ups

If the customer does NOT want to handle their service through the dealership, we will manage all follow-ups and quickly determine why they declined, and figure out what we can do to gain their loyalty back to the dealership.

Sales equity mining

We can utilize data gathered through sales equity mining to reach out to customers nearing the end of their vehicle’s lease or life cycle. We can reach out to those customers needing to get a new vehicle soon and help them through that process.

Custom outreach campaigns

Our service professionals will create custom campaigns based on current or future sales trends and reach out to dealership customers to recommend services, customer retention, and other outreach to bring your dealership more revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific benefits come with Customer Traac's Outbound Campaigns service?

Our outbound campaign service is multi-faceted. There are several individual services we provide to make sure you receive a reliable, well-rounded product. These services include appointment confirmation, no show follow up calls, recall notifications, service reminder notifications, special order fulfillment, and many more.

How much does your Outbound Campaign service cost?

We understand the needs of our customers vary greatly based upon their business model and scope of work. This being the case, we like to get in touch and assess your unique businesses needs before giving out a proposal.

How do I know if I need an Outbound Campaign service?

There are many reasons you could make use of an outbound campaign service. Do you spend a lot of time calling out to customers for various reasons? Appointment scheduling? Follow up calls? Troubleshooting? If you spend a lot of time calling out to customers, our service is for you.