Why Outbound Calling Campaigns May Be the Secret to Increasing Your Service Department’s Sales

Outbound Calling Campaigns

Continuing the conversation with existing customers is key to maintaining that relationship and customer retention.

Outbound campaigns can be highly effective for improving your service department’s sales in that it puts the power back in the hands of the dealership. Online and print advertisements promoting service specials leaves the decision making to the customer, who may not take the initiative to call the dealership to schedule. There is major opportunity for outbound campaigns within our service department. These are sometimes overlooked by the sales team, and could be better handled by a well-trained business development center. 

Recent Website Leads

Leads that come in through your website via forms are the best gift you can get. These leads are customers that are actually interested in working with you and need to be captured. Many salespeople may follow up on these leads with the email or phone number the customer left, but if they play phone tag or don’t get a response in a week or two, those leads end up forgotten. Chances are, customers who are reaching out via your website are early in their search for a vehicle, and their options are open. Being a resource for them by taking the initiative to reach out, answer their questions, and be their support can put you above the rest. 

If a customer left a voicemail or a phone number, call them back around the time the voicemail was left. That may be the time of day when they are free at work or are available to accept calls. If you don’t reach them the first time, try a call just outside of work hours between 4 and 5 pm, or earlier around lunch time. If someone reached out recently they may be expecting the call and will be happy you reached out! It can sometimes be forgotten how much people want a warm voice over the phone. It gives a personal touch in a world that is so much online and impersonal. 

Those with Vehicle Equity

A good Business Development Center will have a vehicle equity calculator that can effectively track timelines of vehicles purchased within their dealership, and pair that with ones that have left the lot. The amount of years owned, miles driven, and the make or model all determine a vehicles equity. Following up with these customers can sometimes lead to an upgraded purchase, or a service scheduling. If the customer’s car is worth a certain amount that selling it is a good option, you can help guide them through the trade-in process and get them into an upgraded vehicle in no time. If that is not what they want, you can offer service incentives and, when the time comes, incentives for when they do want to purchase a new vehicle, to do it through your dealership. 

Customers who Bought but Never Came Back

After a customer buys a car, the sales team should follow up soon after and ensure satisfaction and answer any questions or concerns the customers have after their purchase. Setting a schedule to follow-up after 1, 3, 6 months with customers who bought a car from the dealership can be some of the most effective outbound marketing you can do. There is one thing they absolutely need with their car, and that is service maintenance. Reaching out to customers who bought a car through your dealership but didn’t utilize the services are an incredible opportunity. It’s possible these customers aren’t even aware of the service incentives through the dealership and just need a helping hand to get in there and get their regular scheduled maintenance by the people who know their car in and out.  

Customers who Visited Over 6 Months Ago

Run an inquiry of all your customers you saw six months ago or more and begin an outbound campaign offering a deal off service if they come in during the next six months. Chances are they either haven’t serviced their vehicle, or they went to a different shop. Some good time to run these campaigns are right before winter, when people want to winterize their cars, and before summer when people take road trips and take more vacations. These incentives can reignite a desire to come back to your dealership if they were happy to purchase from you, they may be just as intrigued to come back for service. These campaigns are great for customer retention! 

Customer who Recently Received Service

Customers who were just in for service should get a follow-up call within seven days and you can ask if they were satisfied with the service, and how their car is running overall. This can be a good opportunity to schedule their next service appointment ahead of time, like oil changes and tire rotations. You can also catalog makes, models, years, and mileage of their vehicle and discuss their plans down the road when it comes to their vehicle. Future incentives can be put in place in terms of their future resale value if they continue to get service through your dealership, and then an eventual trade-in when their car is paid off, or has reached a certain amount of miles. 

Outbound campaigning for existing customers is one of the most important tools to use to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. The biggest thing going for you is that the customer already used your service to purchase their vehicle, and that instilled a trust and like within your business from the start. Customers want to feel important, and cared for, and maintaining that relationship with them throughout the weeks, months, and years after they’ve worked with you can significantly improve your service department’s sales, and dealership reputation overall. 

Business Development Centers like Customer Traac ensure your customers never go without a follow-up call, email, or a pre-scheduled service. On top of service appointments and sales equity mining, our team of professionals can work with your dealership to create custom outbound campaigns based on current or future sales trends, and continual support to retain customers. Contact a member of the Customer Traac team to learn more about how we can help your dealership reach their profit goals!