How Can I Drive More Revenue For My Dealership?

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When you own, manage or work in a car dealership, there are so many things to consider on a daily basis to make everything run smoothly. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks, increasing revenue is one important thing to not push to the background. There are a lot of things that go into the business at the dealership that will sustain long term growth, stability, and increased revenue. 

The Service Manager has a lot to do with how the dealership earns revenue. They are in charge of hiring, firing, training and managing employees. They are often the main point of contact between the owners, managers, and factory representatives. They can work with marketing plans, run the numbers, and communicate directly with customers. 


Your dealership should work like a well-oiled machine. Every employee should be connected and know their role, how it affects others, and how their time is meaningful. If all the employees are on the same page, especially the salespeople, times between a customer walking in and out of the door could be cut drastically, which opens up more time, and thus more sales opportunities. Your service manager should try some of these to improve efficiency at your dealership

1.Have a daily meeting where you can touch base with everyone at once, set a priority for the day, and encourage everyone to work as a cohesive unit. 

2.Utilize a Business Development Center like Customer Traac to handle customer contact, appointment scheduling, and inquiries. It’s faster and more cost-effective than doing it in house.

3.Encourage your team to share useful tips and tricks on social platforms that engage potential customers, not just displays ads.

4.Always be improving on sales tactics. Try role-playing scenarios, to learn how to handle any and every situation. Maybe even encourage people in other roles to learn sales techniques. Everyone can have each other’s back!

5.Make sure everyone at the dealership knows and understands the computer system and programs used. When everyone is knowledgeable about the same things, that can help keep things from stalling out and putting pressure on others during the sales process.

6.Lastly, have fun, encourage employees, reward them for a job well done, and keep a positive work environment! Sounds easy, but sometimes with the hectic day to day, that can fall by the wayside!

Good Communication

Make certain your salespeople develop a great relationship with your customers right off the bat. People making a purchase decision as big as buying a car want to feel heard, appreciated, and respected. It’s very important to make that initial relationship from seller to buyer a friendly encounter. Listen to the customer first. Find out what they are looking for, what their lifestyle is, what their budget is, and how they want this vehicle to fit into their lives.

Sometimes buying a car is a nerve-wracking experience and people are easily impressionable if they are not knowledgeable about cars. It’s important to make them feel comfortable and that there are no dumb questions. Introducing a Business Development Center within that communication can help alleviate that time commitment for the salespeople, the service manager, and can help to have more effective communication between all parties. BDCs can be your helpful guide!

Customer Retention 

Retaining your customers is the best thing you can do for your company. To have a customer stay with you and keep coming back for more is a big win for any business. It also costs the dealership more time and money to obtain a new customer, than it is to keep an existing. Kind of like the incentives, there are ways to make sure your customers maintain their relationship with you.

1.Offer support, knowledge, and fantastic customer service. People want to feel cared for and supported with a big financial decision. People will not choose a dealership strictly based on how well their customer service is.

2.Encourage future repairs through the dealership and pre-schedule services on their vehicle for the coming months. Customer Traac covers appointment scheduling to make your lives easy!

3.Using a Business Development Center can help streamline incentives and incentive programs. Take the decision making away from the dealership and service managers, and let the BDC do the grunt work. 

4.Improve client response times. Customers will likely go to another dealer if their calls and emails are not responded to in a timely manner. 

5.Maintain positive reviews! Nicely ask your customers to leave a review if they feel so inclined, but don’t push it. 

Customer Traac brings with it 24 years of experience to help their clients go above and beyond the competition and achieve ultimate success. We believe in great customer service and creating efficiency are the best ways to skyrocket your dealership’s business and set you apart from the rest. Contact us today for support!