How Customer Traac can help your Service Department

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How can we help your Service Department offer better quality service as well as leave customers with a lasting impression?

Check out this explainer video for how our Virtual Automotive BDC can get your service department running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Customer Traac Help My Service Department Manage Inbound Calls?
Any time your company receives more calls than it can handle, Customer Traac will be there to help. We rout any inbound service calls to our highly trained, and courteous customer service agents. There, they will answer any questions they have and even be able to schedule an appointment for you.

How Can Customer Traac Reduce Call Hold Time For Our Clients?
Any time your business receives more inbound calls than it is capable of answering, you make your clients wait on the phone for you. Let Customer Traac pick up the phone for you. Any time you are unable to answer the phone, we will rout your client to one of our highly trained and courteous customer service agents. Our agents will answer any questions they may have and even help schedule an appointment.

Can Customer Traac Help Schedule Work Evenly Throughout The Day?
One of the most frustrating aspects of running a service business is evenly distributing work throughout the day. With Customer Traac, our highly trained customer service agents will answer the phone when you are unable to. Furthermore, they will appropriately schedule your clients evenly throughout the day, at a time that works for them, and your business.