What is an Automotive Business Development Center?

Business Development Centers are often confused with Customer Service Centers, which is fair, since they both answer customer phone calls, and do a lot of interaction over the phone. However, the main task of a Business Development Center, or BDC, is to maximize profitability by enhancing marketing efforts. BDCs in the automotive industry, specifically, can allow the dealership sales teams and services teams to focus more on work within those departments, and less on customer outreach.

The Business Development Centers can help with scheduling service appointments, send out satisfaction surveys, and focus on customer retention, all while handling high call volume and follow-ups. By removing certain tasks out of the hands of the sales team, it’s likely sales could increase just by salespeople and managers having more time and energy to devote to sales. The BDC is essentially an extension of the sales and service teams, supporting them with day-to-day customer-facing tasks, and keeping a full, but organized schedule for the dealership.

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Streamlined Service

Rather than have your sales teams take customer service calls, or have your service team schedule maintenance appointments, an automotive business development center can streamline this service. Phone calls, emails, social media contacts can all go through one department, and be dealt with by the people who are professionals in that area. They can combine all phone calls and communications from multiple departments into one. The ability of the BDC to also handle follow-ups and outreach can create an extension of your dealership’s marketing efforts.

Niche Markets

Outsourcing to any business development center, despite the industry, can cause more harm than good. A BDC dedicated specifically to the automotive industry, like Customer Traac, alleviates training efforts, and miscommunication. A full industry knowledge brings further expertise to the customer service exchanges and allows your company to go above and beyond with your customers. Agents must know of important recalls, service schedules, and other information based on vehicle makes and models. This can make all the difference in creating a positive customer experience within such a niche market.

Increased Phone Presence

A missed or dropped call can be one of the things that negatively affect a customer’s experience with a company the most. Having an automotive BDC that is fully dedicated to maintaining a positive phone presence, and answering every call can turn that right around. They can answer phone calls without having to put people on hold like a salesperson, or in-house receptionist may have to at a dealership. They can also make follow-up calls, schedule appointments over the phone, and reach out to potential customer leads - tasks that other customer service departments don’t take the time to do.

Alleviate the Service Team

The service team is there to perform maintenance and repairs on cars purchased through the dealership. Part of the dealership’s marketing efforts should be focused on pre-scheduling regular service on vehicles, and ensuring customers know of service specials, and recalls on vehicle models. Your automotive BDC can go above the effort of answering calls, but reach out to customers to ensure they have scheduled maintenance, which also keeps the calendar full for the in-house service team.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is something dealerships need to focus on but don’t always have the availability to do so. Business development centers go beyond just customer service tasks. They focus on customer acquisition, as much as customer retention. By following up on inquiries, pre-scheduling appointments, and reaching out to existing customers nearing the end of their lease or loan all aid in retaining existing customers.

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