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Call Quality Monitoring: How to Maintain and Improve the Quality of Your Calls

With other methods of customer service becoming more prevalent, such as email and texting, it’s more important than ever to make sure your customer service calls are of the best quality. Calls have an opportunity[…]

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What to Look for When Hiring a Call Center Employee

When you’re looking to hire a new call center employee, there are key factors to look for during the interview process that can make a good call center employee. During the interview, keep a close[…]

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What Does it Take to Build an Automotive BDC Department?

A lot goes into building out a proper business development center. There are five key factors we believe an automotive BDC must have to ultimately be effective. Whether you are building your BDC in-house at[…]

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Nissan Store Case Study: Get Off The Phone & Take A Knee

For over two decades, Customer Traac has helped hundreds of automotive dealerships across the nation improve their profitability, performance, and call volume management. We knew that there was a need for outsourced business development centers[…]

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What is a Customer Effort Score, and Why Does it Matter?

There are several key metrics that a customer service center should measure to determine customer satisfaction. For a long time, customer service strategy circulated a lot around metrics like fast reply time or resolution rate[…]

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Customer Support Outsourcing: Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Without Sacrificing Call Flow

Many of our success stories begin with a dealership reaching out because they are overwhelmed with answering calls and emails. Customers reaching out for appointment scheduling and services often falls in the laps of the[…]

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How an Automotive Business Development Center Can Help Support Your Sales Team

The sales team at a car dealership is comprised of multiple positions and multiple duties throughout the company. Some positions you may find at a dealership that have some part in the sales process include[…]

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4 Call Center Metrics Your Automotive Dealership Needs To Track

We’ve discussed the KPIs that your dealership should track to measure success, but what about the call center? They have their own metrics they should be mindful of to ensure customer retention, good sales numbers,[…]

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Customer Appreciation Ideas to Maximize Retention

Customer retention is the true key to success. It’s what any business should be striving for. Within the dealership industry, repeat customers are extremely valuable and can make the jobs of your sales and customer[…]

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Business Communication Strategies That Will Drastically Improve Your Teams Efficiency

Communication is key in almost any relationship, and that includes the relationship between your employees and yourself. For a team to work efficiently and effectively as a cohesive unit, there needs to be clear, well-defined[…]

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