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Automotive Contact Center vs. Call Center — What’s The Difference?

Learn about the differences between a call center and contact center, and why you should choose the latter for your automotive marketing.

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Automotive Marketing Best Practices

Click here to learn some crucial tips for automotive marketing and how Customer Traac can help your dealership increase its ROI.

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How To Improve Dealership Customer Service

Learn some best-practices for providing the best automotive dealership customer service, and how Customer Traac can help you improve your service.

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How To Find The Right Dealership Service BDC

Click here to learn what to look for while searching for the best service BDC for your dealership, and how Customer Traac can help.

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How to Improve Customer Service: 6 Quick Tips to Try Today

Having an excellent customer service team goes beyond having good people skills. It means using the right strategies, tracking the proper metrics, attaining measurable goals, and of course, satisfying the customer.  If you are in[…]

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How to Deal With Angry Customers And Diffuse The Situation

One thing is inevitable if you work in customer service—you’re going to come across an angry customer at some point. What isn’t certain is how that customer is going to feel by the end of[…]

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Organizational Strategies to Help Your Dealership Thrive

Organizational strategies are the actions companies intend to make to achieve their overall company goals. A car dealership’s success relies heavily on their strategic planning and execution.  To help your dealership thrive, you should implement[…]

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Customer Service Training: How to Impress Customers With Your Call Center Employees

Recently, we talked about what to look for when hiring a call center employee. But what about after they’re hired? That’s when the real work begins.  You’ve found your key player after a diligent search,[…]

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Call Quality Monitoring: How to Maintain and Improve the Quality of Your Calls

With other methods of customer service becoming more prevalent, such as email and texting, it’s more important than ever to make sure your customer service calls are of the best quality. Calls have an opportunity[…]

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What to Look for When Hiring a Call Center Employee

When you’re looking to hire a new call center employee, there are key factors to look for during the interview process that can make a good call center employee. During the interview, keep a close[…]

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