Customer Traac is your automotive BDC. Our call center scheduling service includes call answering and appointment scheduling by experienced customer service professionals. Our agents are well-prepared to gather all the appropriate information your service staff needs for a positive and effective customer experience.

Our account representatives and on-demand help desk provide you the support you need to reach the full potential of our service BDC. This maximizes the efficiency and revenue of your service operations.

We customize our BDC to meet the unique needs of your business. This includes the introduction of service specials, as well as specific questions geared toward providing your staff with the information they need to best serve your customers.


  • We record our calls for quality and training purposes.
  • We train our agents to be BDC customer service professionals.
  • Our quality control team ensures our agents listen and document the customers’ concerns quickly and accurately. We coach and instruct our agents to follow dealership policies (specified by you) regarding pricing, promise times, and warranty coverage.
  • If a guest has a question we cannot answer, we immediately transfer the call to the appropriate person at your dealership.


How Can Customer Traac’s BDC Help My Service Department Manage Inbound Calls?

Any time your company receives more calls than it can handle, Customer Traac will be there to help. We rout any inbound service calls to our highly trained and courteous customer service agents. Our agents will answer customers’ questions and schedule service appointments for you.


How Can Customer Traac’s Service BDC Reduce My Call Hold Time?

When your business receives more inbound calls than it is capable of answering, you make your customers wait on the phone. However, with Customer Traac, any time you are unable to answer the phone, we rout your customer to one of our highly trained and courteous customer service agents. Our agents will answer any questions and even help schedule a service appointment.


Can Customer Traac’s Call Center Schedule Work Evenly Throughout The Day?

One of the most frustrating aspects of running an internal service BDC is evenly distributing work throughout the day. With Customer Traac, our highly trained agents will appropriately schedule your customers evenly throughout the day, at a time that works for them and your dealership.

Call Flow

Inbound Calls

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Customer Traac works with your phone vendor to route inbound appointment calls to our call center.

Calls Answered

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Calls are answered in order of receipt. Most of calls are answered within 30 seconds of receipt.

Queue Callback

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Calls in queue at peak traffic times – when wait times might exceed thirty seconds – are offered the option of a call back without losing their place in queue.

Customer Greeting and Identification

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Customer Traac answers the call with dealer-customized greeting, identifies the customer by name and phone number, and verifies vehicle information and email address.

Service Selection and Specials

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Customer Traac captures services needed and offers recommendations or specials based on dealer input.

Appointment Scheduling and Verification

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Customer Traac offers the first available appointment, following dealer-specified scheduling guidelines and transportation options, and recaps the appointment date, time, services and transportation needs.

Appointment Booking

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Customer Traac books the appointment using the scheduling tool of your choice.

Shop Loading

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Customer Traac books appointments to ensure optimum shop loading, maximizing revenue opportunities.

Dealership Results

  • Service advisors are free of burden of burden of answering calls and can focus on the customer in the drive
  • Maximize shop loading – increase use of typically unscheduled times
  • Increased sales – introduction of service specials, and increased opportunities for service advisors to up-sell, results in a typical increase of 20% in average repair order
  • No missed calls means no missed service opportunities
  • High-quality scheduling means fewer missed appointments
  • Improved customer satisfaction – no long hold times for appointment scheduling and better delivery of service in the drive